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Allen tests new album on her kids

Lily Allen says she tries her music out on her kids: Photo © Allen tests new album on her kids Photo

Lily Allen has said she has been testing out songs from her new album on her kids to see if they are any good.

The Hard Out Here singer has two daughters and according to Digital Spy told Capital FM that they had been helping her out with their musical taste.

Lily said she hadn't sampled her children's voices on her music like Beyonce and Jay Z had, but added: "I haven't done any of that sampling. But you know what, little babies are really quite good to test your music out on.

"This single - which hopefully you're going to play today, and again tomorrow I hope - my eldest one just loves it so much and she calls it the Ponky tune!"

Giving more details about the track, Air Balloon, Lily said: "I suppose it's about escapism really, and daydreaming in a lot of ways.

"My husband is constantly infuriated with me, because he'll be talking to me when we're sitting down having dinner or something, and I'm looking at him, but I'm totally not paying any attention at all."

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