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Arthur: You can have my raps free

James Arthur is offering fans a free rap mixtape: Photo © Arthur: You can have my raps free Photo

James Arthur has promised fans a freebie - his first rap EP.

The former X Factor winner left Twitter after a series of rants against other artists and X Factor contestants, but made a reappearance on the social networking site earlier this year and has now offered a free rap to his fans.

He tweeted: "Since I've been away I've been doing some rap EP stuff - should have it all done by the end mid April and then you guys can have it for free.

"The mixtape will be called 'All The World's A Stage'."

James, who has been busy working on his second album in the style of music he's more famous for, continued: "Then!! ... The second album will be in the making whilst we play shows over the summer for the wonderful fans around the UK and EU :)!

"I can reveal the second album will be entirely my own creation and more like the live rock n roll shows you have seen from the tour DYNAMIC!"

Later, James tweeted asking fans for requests for covers that he could record and post online, and revealed that he had decided to put his own spin on Christina Aguilera's The Great Big World.

He wrote: "I got a bit carried away with the cover and started recording it in my home studio with @pgproductionsuk it works with rap for the mixtape!"

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