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Boyega waiting on Star Wars call up

John Boyega says he hasn't been asked to audition for Star Wars: Episode VII: Photo © Boyega waiting on Star Wars call up Photo

John Boyega has said that despite rumours he is in Star Wars: Episode VII, he is still waiting for the call up from director JJ Abrams.

Asked whether it was true that he was filming for the latest instalment of the film franchise, Half Of A Yellow Sun star John reckoned it was all speculation.

He said: "That would be fun, but I'm still waiting for JJ to give me that call, that first audition. JJ - Star Wars, I'd do it, I'd do a great job.

"It's speculation but it's great to have your name even put next to a film like that. Who wouldn't want to be in Star Wars? It'd be great."

The Attack The Block actor is starring in the upcoming Race, where he plays Olympic gold medallist Jesse Owens.

He said: "It's a challenging role but definitely something that I'm going to complete, I'm really looking forward to that one."

John said he had heard that Anthony Mackie, who plays Falcon in Captain America: The Winter Soldier was also keen on playing the track and field star. He joked: "Anthony, you got Falcon and you smashed it, you did a great job."

He added: "There have been so many films that have come out in different versions so I don't see why he can't still play Jesse Owens. Let's both do Jesse Owens."

Asked whose Jesse would be better, he laughed: "Erm... Anthony Mackie. I just watched him in Captain America and I absolutely love him."

Half Of A Yellow Sun is in cinemas now.

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