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Branagh: My Cinderella independent

Kenneth Branagh promises his Cinderella is no damsel in distress: Photo © Branagh: My Cinderella independent Photo

Sir Kenneth Branagh has revealed his Cinderella is not just a damsel waiting for her prince.

The British filmmaker's next directing project is a Disney remake of the classic fairytale with an all-star cast headed by Downton Abbey's Lily James as Cinderella.

Branagh revealed: "It's an evolving adaptation that's based on being much moved by the ancient power of that myth. Everybody identifies with that underdog story, we are her and we want her to succeed against all odds and that goodness can win out.

"And that doesn't suggest that life is only worth living if a rich man comes along."

The actor directed new action thriller Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, which he stars in alongside Chris Pine, Keira Knightley and Kevin Costner, playing the villain, Viktor Cherevin.

Branagh, 53, has been directing himself for years, in big screen adaptations of Shakespeare's Hamlet, Henry V and Mary Shelley's Frankenstein.

Then in 2011 he took the helm of Marvel comic book movie Thor. But he doesn't feel action films are anything new to him.

He said: "I always felt as though I started making action films with Henry V, which ends with the battle of Agincourt - 10, 15 minutes of non-stop fighting. And I've done a lot of physical, action things since.

"But with most movies I'm interested in the mainstream. Where there is action it's usually a slight of hand.

"And in a thriller, one of the things I wanted to do was, knowing we'd be sending the adrenalin off the charts at various points in the movie because of the story, we'd happily enjoy the number of points in the movie where people are just in rooms talking and that in itself could be exciting or dangerous."

Speaking about Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit he added: "In fact it's quite a combination, it's an action thriller but there's quite a lot of humanity and its character is based on the character stuff which emerges from it and so in a way something like this is as performance-led as anything I do anyway."

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