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Carey's boozy movie audition selfie

Carey Mulligan decided against sending her tipsy audition attempt: Photo © Carey's boozy movie audition selfie Photo

Carey Mulligan has revealed she attempted to audition for her latest movie with a boozy mobile phone selfie.

But the Oscar-nominated British star admitted she had a change of heart and opted not to send it.

The Hollywood actress told TV presenter Graham Norton - while appearing as a guest on his BBC One chat show - that she was able to perfect a US accent more easily after a drink.

Carey went on to land the role in the Coen brothers' film Inside Llewyn Davis, about a singer in New York's Greenwich Village folk scene in the early 1960s. The soundtrack features her husband Marcus Mumford.

She told Graham she was a "bit tipsy" when she filmed herself on the phone.

"I was so excited so I did the audition after a dinner where I had had a few drinks. My American accent is better after a few drinks and then I decided to eat something - it works for Brad Pitt, who eats all the time in films. It was a really drunk audition. Thank God, I didn't send it."

Carey also spoke about how she landed her role in The Great Gatsby - by kissing Leonardo DiCaprio.

She said of the audition: "It was daunting. It was really scary. Daisy has to kiss Gatsby but you don't just kiss Leonardo DiCaprio. We were halfway through the scene and I was close to his face but had to ask the director if I should kiss him.

"He said yes, so I just did it and I got the job. That's how you get a job."

Other guests on The Graham Norton Show, which is screened tonight (January 10) at 10.35pm, include Robert De Niro, Sylvester Stallone, Jonah Hill and Jake Bugg.

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