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Costner's kids watch action stunts

Kevin Costner let his young children watch him film action scenes: Photo © Costner's kids watch action stunts Photo

Kevin Costner has revealed how his children worried what had happened to him when they came to visit him at work and watched him get "blown up".

The 59-year-old actor - who has four children from his first marriage and three with his current wife Christine Baumgartner - stars as a secret agent who accepts one last mission to track down a terrorist in return for medicine that could help save his life in 3 Days To Kill.

Kevin told The Hollywood Reporter how his family came to watch him in action on set of the movie.

"I did an action sequence, and my five-year-old and my three-year-old at the time were surprised to see me coming out, guns blazing and things blowing up," he revealed.

"I had been sitting with them and I said, 'Now you got to sit here, OK? I'm going to go do something,' and the next thing you know, when they said 'action', all of a sudden, the bombs went off and the guns went off and I got in a car and drove it really fast. They wanted to make sure that I wasn't hurt, and then they wanted to know what had just happened."

The film also stars Amber Heard, Connie Nielsen and Hailee Steinfeld.

Amber admitted filming on location in Paris in the winter was not easy in the skimpy costumes she had to wear.

"I feel like any scene that we filmed outside is seared into my memory, whether I want it to be or not," she revealed. "It was just so cold in Paris at the time, and my wardrobe was comprised of latex and rubber, and it was just tough. You have to go out there and pretend it's not cold."

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