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Dern: Nebraska role was the 'award'

Bruce Dern starred as Woody Grant in Nebraska: Photo © Dern: Nebraska role was the 'award' Photo

Bruce Dern has revealed that the awards buzz around Nebraska doesn't matter to him, because the role itself was a gift.

The 77-year-old actor was nominated for a best actor Oscar, although he lost to Matthew McConaughey. He also won six awards, including the best actor gong at the Cannes Film Festival, for his performance as elderly father Woody Grant in Alexander Payne's drama.

He said: "We all got awarded when we got cast in this. You do anything you can do to get into an Alexander Payne movie... There are folks out there that are like this and they're worth a story."

Bruce admitted he was "stunned" when he won at Cannes.

"I was stunned. I didn't know about it until a day later because I already had left town. But the right guy, Alexander, picked up the trophy for me," he said. "The thing I'm proudest of about this movie is the group effort, and I include the people behind the camera."

He revealed the role was very personal to him, because he too grew up in the Midwest.

"There's not a thing in Nebraska, that isn't part of what's in my heart and where I grew up. I wouldn't say it was easy, but it was easy for me to relate to Woody having grown up in the Midwest myself. It was just a well-written and fully developed character. Those are hard to find in Hollywood these days," he said.

Bruce also joked that he didn't have to fill in his character: " I'd never been in a piece of material where it was all there to begin with. We didn't have to add anything, and I'm Mr Add, trust me. I'm the guy who puts in anything I can to make Brucy look a little better."

:: Nebraska is out on DVD on April 14.

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