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Emma Watson puts studies first

Emma Watson is studying for her final exams: Photo © Emma Watson puts studies first Photo

Emma Watson has reportedly been forced to turn down film roles while she focuses on her studies.

The 23-year-old Harry Potter star is due to graduate from Brown University in Rhode Island in the US, where she is studying English, in May.

Emma is about to begin her final exams and, according to the Daily Mirror, the actress has had to say no to some roles while she puts her studying first.

Last month she tweeted a picture of her laptop and a desk piled with papers and wrote: "Anyone handing in final papers, taking exams, working hard ... You can dooo ittttt!!!"

Since the Harry Potter films came to an end, Emma has had several starring roles, most recently in Sofia Coppola's The Bling Ring. She is also in Darren Aronofsky's epic Noah with Russel Crowe, which she filmed last year.

Emma returned to the university in 2012 after deferring for "a semester or two", confessing she had been bullied.

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