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Farrell at Winter's Tale premiere

Colin Farrell stars in Akiva Goldsman's film Winter's Tale: Photo © Farrell at Winter's Tale premiere Photo

Colin Farrell has revealed he was drawn to the "hope and sweetness" of Winter's Tale, as he hit the red carpet in New York for the film's premiere.

The Irish heartthrob said director Akiva Goldsman's supernatural movie - which centres on a thief who falls in love with a terminally ill girl - was different to anything he had come across before.

He told The Hollywood Reporter: "It was something, more than anything I've ever read, that lacked guile and lacked edge and was completely without any cynical ambitions. It was just completely filled with hope and sweetness and sentimentality. And I'd never read anything like that."

Akiva lost his wife while he was working on the project, and Colin said the loss could be felt in the finished movie.

He explained: "He (Akiva) had imbued the script with a lot of his experience of love and loss. He wrote the script at a time when he was mourning the loss of someone he loved deeply, so it took on a whole new level of significance that mightn't have been there if it was just a piece of fiction."

Akiva had long been trying to make the film, which also features Jennifer Connelly, Russell Crowe, Eva Marie Saint, Will Smith and William Hurt.

"This movie is kind of an exercise in faith," he said. "I was trying to write it, and my wife passed away while I was writing the screenplay, and I didn't think I'd do much of anything after that.

"This became kind of a Hail Mary to the idea that there's a peacefulness behind random acts of love."

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