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Fassbender gives X-rated impression

Michael Fassbender can do a great Sir Ian McKellen impression: Photo © Fassbender gives X-rated impression Photo

Michael Fassbender has proved to be a top impersonator after wowing with his impression of Sir Ian McKellen.

The Irish actor and his X-Men: Days Of Future past co-stars James McAvoy and Hugh Jackman demonstrated their mimicking skills while taking part in a live question and answers session for Yahoo! Movies.

Michael and Ian both play the character of Magneto in the new movie, while James and Patrick Stewart both play Professor Charles Xavier.

Michael showed off his excellent McKellen impression, and admitted he had studied The Lord Of The Rings star's voice for the film.

He said: "In this film for sure I concentrated more on Ian's voice. That definitely was different in this one [compared to X-Men: First Class] because we were both in the same film and thought it would be weird. A nd I don't want to ask him to go and study my voice."

James then attempted his impression of Sir Patrick Stewart, keeping it simple with the words, "Engage," and "Tea, Earl Grey Hot."

Hugh, who plays Wolverine in the film then tried to do Ian McKellen as well.

Asked by James to do an impression, the Aussie star said: "No, I'm really bad. But I don't mind doing Ian, because I love how he can make a word out of a final constant-t."

Hugh then tried a whine-y impression of director Bryan Singer which left all three actors in fits of giggles, before Michael quipped: "Y ou're right, you couldn't do an impersonation!"

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