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Firth confesses to guitar 'fetish'

Colin Firth loves to cuddle his guitar: Photo © Firth confesses to guitar 'fetish' Photo

Colin Firth has confessed he loves guitars so much he feels he has a fetish about them.

The Oscar-winning actor is very shy about his hobby for playing the guitar, but admits he takes great comfort from "cuddling" them.

Colin insisted: "I'm not very good, I don't think I'd quite qualify it as a hobby really, I don't think I'm even good enough to discuss the matter. I love guitars and I sort of fetishise them as objects, I think they're beautiful.

"I play as an excuse to just hold one, which I could probably do for hours. Not an air guitar, just as something to cuddle, I think they're beautiful."

The 53-year-old actor plays former prisoner of war Eric Lomax in The Railway Man, a film adaptation of his memoir about being forced to work on the Death Railway during World War II, which is due out in cinemas on January 10.

Colin revealed reading about Eric's passion for trains and maps helped him to understand the role a lot better, and he found himself researching trains as well as World War II history.

He said: "I'm not really a collector of things but I completely admire that passion and devotion to something and a desire to know it and understand it.

"Reading the book, I expected it to give me some insight into the horrors of his war experience, but he imparted such delight in a world when these things were still new, it made me envious. The steam age - just how magnificent these monstrous machines were and how alive they were.

"And so it did give me that. The books I got weren't just about World War II, I started to get books about trains, because that's what drove him. And that passion's still very much alive.

"When I met him he showed us part of his collection of hand-drawn maps. And there was as much to be gained from talking about the things that he loved like that, as there was from talking about the horrors he went through."

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