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Firth doesn't feel very British

Colin Firth says he's never felt very British: Photo © Firth doesn't feel very British Photo

Colin Firth has admitted that he has never felt very British, despite often being seen as a British icon.

The Railway Man actor has lived abroad for much of his life, including his childhood, and said he found it funny that people thought of him as very English.

He said: "I've never felt entirely English really, I've never felt that I quite fitted in perfectly and in some ways perhaps that's why it happened.

"You put on a mask and an identity fits all too well. I might be like one of those expatriats who seems more British than the people who actually live in Britain."

He continued: "So it might be that, I might have taken on something of a pastiche where all the real English people have moved on and don't walk and talk like that at all."

Colin plays former prisoner of war Eric Lomax in The Railway Man, a film adaptation of his memoir about being forced to work on the Death Railway during World War II, which is due out in cinemas on January 10.

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