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Foxes wants music to inspire people

Foxes said she didn't originally want to sing her music herself: Photo © Foxes wants music to inspire people Photo

Rising star Foxes has revealed she originally wanted to write songs for other people rather than sing them herself.

The singer, aka Louise Rose Allen, made a name for herself featuring on other artists' music but is now ready to go it alone.

"The last year or so has been me working with other people, so now it's my turn," she said.

"It feels like I've been around a while but it's accidental. I wasn't ready, but I'm not going to turn down those guest spots," she added. "They came about because I was asked to write a part, but it ended up that I sang the parts as well."

Foxes said her ambition wasn't to be in the limelight herself, but to write music for others. It was only when one of the songs she'd recorded as a demo was used on an episode of TV show Gossip Girl that things changed.

The 24-year-old said she hit a "turning point" when she performed a couple of shows.

"I didn't need any persuading to step up and perform," she said. "It was more just the fame and negative things that come with it that I didn't want.

"What convinced me more than anything was doing a couple of shows and seeing how my music can inspire people.

"I can see that from the stage and that was a real turning point and then I started thinking, 'I do actually want to be the face of this, I don't want to let someone else sing these songs'. If I have the chance to do this, and maybe inspire people in the same way, say, Patti Smith inspired me, then I should."

:: Foxes' debut album Glorious will be released on May 9. She begins a UK tour on February 24.

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