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Garner: Costner is 'super thorough'

Jennifer Garner stars with Kevin Costner in football movie Draft Day: Photo © Garner: Costner is 'super thorough' Photo

Jennifer Garner has said Kevin Costner was extremely thorough to work with on new film Draft Day.

The pair star in the movie about the world of American football, directed by Ghostbusters' Ivan Reitman. Kevin plays a football manager who tries to save his city team by trading for the number one pick.

Jennifer said: "How can you not be a huge fan of Kevin Costner?! Everybody is a huge fan of Kevin Costner's, he's just beloved.

"He's super smart. He's thorough. He comes prepared and he's super thorough and all over it. He was just generous and sweet and thoughtful and always looking for a way to go deeper into whatever the moment was that we were trying to explore in a scene."

The actress also revealed that Kevin kept the cast and crew entertained with his band during filming.

"There's a lot of music, he sang a lot," she said. "He has a band that's great so I know all of his music now."

The film was shot on location in Cleveland, and had its premiere there, with an after party set up to look like a football field.

Meanwhile, Jennifer revealed she has been getting in trouble for revealing secrets about the Batman vs Superman movie after her husband Ben Affleck was cast as the Caped Crusader.

She told a reporter on the red carpet at the SAG Awards: "I've seen the suit. It's unbelievably cool, it's a total reinvention, it looks great." And she has revealed Ben will be shooting in Detroit this summer.

Jennifer laughed: "I have gotten in some trouble for my little quotes and I am learning to [keep my mouth shut].

"I thought I was saying things that are foregone conclusions - it turns out nothing is, and you will not be hearing form me on the Batman front!"

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