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Goldfrapp: Making film was exciting

Goldfrapp made a film based on their album: Photo © Goldfrapp: Making film was exciting Photo

Goldfrapp have admitted it was "intense" making their first film, Tales Of Us.

The music duo branched out into cinema with a film about five people whose lives subtly interconnect, which was inspired by songs from their latest album.

Band member Alison Goldfrapp said of tackling the film: "It's very intense, there's lots to think about and very exciting."

Will Gregory added: "I've never seen a film like this in the cinema, so maybe people will throw popcorn at the screen.

"But I like the idea of it being seated and dark, and not having to work up to some frenzied finale like you do with a gig. It's a very different environment, and it's more dramatic."

Alison said the short film came about because Goldfrapp didn't want to do another straightforward promo video as they usually would for singles, and their album Tales Of Us "lent itself to this kind of visual representation".

"When we thought about it, it quickly built up momentum," she explained.

Will continued: "What normally happens is you make an album and have all these ideas, then have to make videos for singles, by which time you're out of energy and time. It seemed nuts not to run these two projects in parallel; making the album at the same time as making the film to go with it."

Goldfrapp, who embark on a UK tour on March 26, also revealed they like to keep moving forwards creatively.

Alison said: "You get stuck in routines, of releasing three singles from an album, touring and then doing another album. There was a formula, but now so much has changed with consumption that it makes you more creative and think of so many more elements. Elements that either weren't there before or that you didn't have time to explore before."

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