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Green: Film's been good for figure


Eva Green has revealed that her "physically demanding" role in the 300 sequel has toned up her bottom.

The former Bond girl had to train in fight choreography and work out for her portrayal of feisty warrior princess Artemisia in the follow-up, Rise Of An Empire.

"It's very physically demanding. I feel like I'm smoking too much," she told Empire.

"It's very visceral and I've never done anything like it before, but I've always loved all those Zhang Yimou sorts of films. I'm too much in my head usually and this is all in my body so it's a good experience. I've got a good bum now!"

Eva has enjoyed showing off a different side to her as Artemisia.

"She's a very cool character. She's very ballsy and brave, and very much ahead of her time," she explained.

"She's Greek by birth but her heart is Persian. She had her whole family slaughtered before her eyes when she was a child, and King Darius rescued her and raised her as his own 'son'. I wouldn't say she's manly, but she's very strong, very badaboom!"

Rodrigo Santoro, Jack O'Connell and Lena Headey also star in 300: Rise Of An Empire, which is released on March 7.

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