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Hardy dresses up as Elton for film

Tom Hardy says he has borrowed some of Sir Elton John's belongings to play him: Photo © Hardy dresses up as Elton for film Photo

Tom Hardy has revealed that he likes to use the belongings of people he plays - so he has borrowed some "kit" from Sir Elton John for the film Rocketman.

Locke star Tom is due to play the bespectacled singer in a biopic that will begin filming in the autumn and told the Daily Mail how he was preparing for the role.

He said: "When I play a real person, I like to have bits of them. Since I can't take physical body parts and sever those, I try and grab as much 'kit' off them as possible."

Tom joked: "Then you can sell it on eBay."

Recently, the Inception star told the Wall Street Journal he had some nerves over his singing ability: "I can't hold a tune to save my life. God knows how I'm going to do that.

"But then I couldn't cage fight before I'd gotten in with Warrior. And I still can't. I'm not supposed to be a cage fighter. I'm only playing one."

Tom also explained what it was that made him choose roles: "It comes back to a very basic principle of story. Is it interesting? Do I want to be a part of it? Yes. How does it work? That's when you get back to a pragmatic sense of 'What's the practical next step?'

"I don't get up in the morning and go, 'I have to find a piece where I can look into someone's eyes'."

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