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High heels for Dolly at Glastonbury

Dolly Parton has signed up to this year's Glastonbury festival: Photo © High heels for Dolly at Glastonbury Photo

Country queen Dolly Parton is planning to wear high heels when she makes her Glastonbury debut - despite the festival's famous mud.

The Jolene singer, 68, said her upbringing in a two-room wood cabin in rural Tennessee meant she would have no qualms wading through the mire to an outside toilet, like other festival-goers.

She also told of her excitement that Led Zeppelin frontman Robert Plant will be at Glasto when she follows in the footsteps of James Brown, Shirley Bassey and her friend Kenny Rogers to fill the early-evening Sunday legends' slot in June.

After being shown snaps of the Somerset event's habitual mud bath, she told the Mail on Sunday's Event supplement: "I am going to be wearing my high heels, but I just may stay in my bus until I have to get on stage."

But she added: "That's how I grew up. If I'm tramping to the toilet through mud, that's no big deal for me."

Having recorded her own version of Led Zeppelin's power ballad Stairway To Heaven, she shrieked with excitement when told that Plant will also be playing at the festival of festivals.

And the big-haired blonde explained how she recently left White Stripes' Jack White, who is also playing at the festival and has covered Jolene, to pick up a massive bill after a bout of gluttony.

"Jack was at the same restaurant as me recently," she said. " We thought we'd order everything so we'd know what to order next time we went.

"Jack was there and he picked up our tab. I never felt so bad in my life because that bill must have been outrageous."

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