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Hill asked to audition for Scorsese

Jonah Hill plays Donnie Azoff in The Wolf Of Wall Street: Photo © Hill asked to audition for Scorsese Photo

Jonah Hill has said he chose to audition for the first time in six years for The Wolf Of Wall Street because he wanted to convince Martin Scorsese he was right for the part.

The 21 Jump Street actor plays Donnie Azoff in the film about real-life corrupt New York stockbroker Jordan Belfort (played by Leonardo DiCaprio) and said he had been keen to show he was the perfect casting choice.

Jonah, 30, said: "They said, 'you're going to fly out to New York to meet with [Scorsese],' and I had got the opportunity to meet with Leo first and give him an impassioned argument as to why I had to play the part and then he was supportive, luckily.

"Then I went to New York and I said, 'well, can I show Scorsese what I want to do instead of just begging him to do the part.' Then I got to read with him... and I was lucky enough to get the part."

He added of auditioning: "It was the first audition I had in six years and the first one back was nerve-wracking enough, but also for my hero was slightly more scary."

Jonah's character Donnie is fiddling the stock market with Jordan and is also a drug addict obsessed with money.

The actor said he was a difficult character to like: "They say you're not supposed to judge the character at all and I tried my hardest, but I couldn't really find that much I really liked about Donnie."

He continued: "I just didn't like the way that Donnie treated people, that was the thing I had the hardest time with.

"There's a scene with a goldfish where I throw a lit cigarette at this kid and make him cry and fire him and eat his goldfish and it's really degrading. On the way home I would just be like, 'oh gosh, what did I do today?' I would feel bad."

The Wolf Of Wall Street is released on January 17.

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