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Howard: Moby film shows promise

Ron Howard said his Moby Dick film is showing 'promise': Photo © Howard: Moby film shows promise Photo

Ron Howard has revealed he has high hopes for his Moby Dick movie.

The award-winning filmmaker is reuniting with his Rush star Chris Hemsworth for Heart Of The Sea - which is about the events that inspired Herman Melville to write the classic novel - and told The Hollywood Reporter he is currently in the editing process.

"It's still unformed, unfinished, but it's showing a lot of promise, I think," he said.

Cillian Murphy, Tom Holland, Brendan Gleeson and Ben Whishaw will also star in the film, which is adapted from Nathaniel Philbrick's maritime history book, In The Heart Of The Sea: The Tragedy Of The Whaleship Essex.

Ron was speaking at Vanity Fair's annual Tribeca Film Festival party, and told how impressed he was with the event, which was established to help boost Manhattan following 9/11.

The director explained that although the festival "wasn't born out of sort of a business plan" it is now becoming a business.

"But in the beginning I think it was a societal need," he continued.

"It was a rallying point socially and emotionally. I think that continues to pervade the environment.

"But now it's growing. It's growing in legitimacy. They're launching more and more movies out of here. It's even beginning to be a bit of a film market and becoming one of the most prestigious and important festivals in the world."

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