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Isaac: I conquered my fear of cats

Oscar Isaac had to overcome his fear of cats for Inside Llewyn Davis: Photo © Isaac: I conquered my fear of cats Photo

Oscar Isaac has revealed how he had to get over his fear of cats as he filmed Inside Llewyn Davis.

The Guatemalan award-winning actor takes the lead role of a struggling folk musician in the Coen brother's musical drama, and spends a lot of time accompanied by a cat.

"I like them when they're not near me. I approached this one with a lot of trepidation. But I had to have one tied to me at all times so I had to get over that pretty quickly," he said.

Oscar's fear of the furry felines started after he was bitten by a cat.

"It was not one of these cats. This was a couple of years before doing the film. I randomly was petting a cat, it bit me and it put me into hospital," he recalled.

Oscar - who revealed that jamming with co-star Justin Timberlake and the film's soundtrack supervisors Marcus Mumford of Mumford And Sons and T-Bone Burnett was one of the "most beautiful experiences" of his life - said he would consider starring in a film version of a stage musical.

"My first job out of drama school was a musical in New York," he said.

"I don't know. I'm not super into musicals and that musical style, but there are a couple that I do like. If something really good came around, I would consider it."

Inside Llewyn Davis is in cinemas now.

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