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Johansson: Avengers 2 dark and dry

Scarlett Johansson has talked about Avengers: Age of Ultron: Photo © Johansson: Avengers 2 dark and dry Photo

Scarlett Johansson has revealed Avengers: Age of Ultron will be dark, but funny.

The Hollywood star will return as Black Widow in the Marvel ensemble movie, which is written and directed by Joss Whedon.

Scarlett told Parade magazine: "I think the script is dark and it's dry, it's got this amazing one-liner, glass-cutting sense of humour.

"Obviously the script is very cerebral. It doesn't lose that exciting comic book aspect that people enjoyed in the first film, but it's smart and it feels like the next instalment.

"It doesn't feel like a rehashing, it feels like these characters are moving forward, plotlines are moving forward. It's deep and I think that's why people really respond to the Marvel universe, because the films are fun and exciting and have all that flashy stuff, but there's a gravity to them. People can expect that gravity this time around."

The 29-year-old actress announced her engagement to French journalist Romain Dauriac last September, but revealed she is too busy to plan her wedding.

Scarlett said: "I'm busy planning Avengers 2 right now! That's my main focus.

"I've never been a big planning kind of person. ...I think more than anything I feel really fortunate to have had this amazing year professionally.... I don't feel like I need to rush that part of my life. I can let that happen organically. Right now it feels like a time to enjoy and be relaxed and that's what works for us."

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