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Katy B expected career as teacher

Katy B enjoyed success with her second album: Photo © Katy B expected career as teacher Photo

Katy B has said she had no expectation of becoming a singer, even when she made her first album.

The singer's debut album, On A Mission, was recorded over three years and released in 2011.

"At the time, I never thought I'd be a singer, even when I was making the album," the 24-year-old said.

"I was doing so much other music-related stuff - running club nights, going to gigs and studying music (at Goldsmiths, University of London) - that it all just felt part of the same thing."

She added: "I thought I might end up as a music therapist or a music teacher, but hadn't considered it any more than that. There was no pressure, from me or anyone else."

The Peckham-born singer's second album Little Red was released in early February and went straight to the top of the UK album chart.

And Katy, who is set to tour, said she feels a lot more responsibility this time round.

"I'm still having fun but it was definitely a different vibe," she admitted.

"It was a lovely feeling just before the album was released, knowing it was finished and ready to go, although it was a bit like finishing school - excitement, mixed with this feeling of being unsure of the future and not knowing what opportunities there are going to be. Mostly I'm just excited to show my new creation."

: Katy B's second album Little Red is out now. She begins a UK tour in March.

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