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Keira's Imitation Game leg injury

Keira Knightley hurt herself while making The Imitation Game: Photo © Keira's Imitation Game leg injury Photo

Keira Knightley has revealed her first on-set injury happened when she was shooting a drama, rather than an action film.

The Anna Karenina star has had her share of high-octane roles, but said she didn't hurt herself until she was making her new movie The Imitation Game.

"The only injury I've ever got was [doing The Imitation Game] which is the least action-packed film in the entire world and I managed to tear a muscle running through a door," she told Digital Spy.

"I've done all of these action films and I've never got hurt at all and I manage to do it on a drama."

The film is about Enigma codebreaker Alan Turing and also stars Keira's fellow Brit Benedict Cumberbatch, who the actress said it was "lovely to work with".

Sherlock star Benedict portrays the brilliant British mathematician and cryptographer who helped crack the German enigma code during the final years of World War II. He was later prosecuted by the government for being a homosexual and committed suicide.

Keira, 28, stars as a woman from a very conservative background who formed a complicated relationship with Turing and was a close friend to him up until his death.

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