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Kingston: Franco 'relaxed' director

Alex Kingston plays Charles Bukowski's mum in the upcoming film Bukowski: Photo © Kingston: Franco 'relaxed' director Photo

Alex Kingston has spoken about the experience of working with James Franco on Bukowski and said he was "super relaxed".

The former ER actress stars in the upcoming biopic about writer Charles Bukowski as his mother and was directed by James.

She said of working with the Oz The Great And Powerful star: "It was interesting. My role was an abusive relationship that Bukowski grew up in, so it was very interesting.

"[James is] incredibly relaxed, super relaxed, and very open to people doing whatever they want in terms of experimenting in performance."

Charles Bukowski was known for having disfiguringly bad acne in his younger years, something which Alex said the actor playing the writer at that age didn't shy away from depicting.

She said: "The actor who plays Bukowski was extraordinary... and there's a lot of acne on camera!"

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