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Knightley: Ejiofor deserves Oscar

Keira Knightley is backing fellow Brit Chiwetel Ejiofor to get an Oscar: Photo © Knightley: Ejiofor deserves Oscar Photo

Keira Knightley has revealed her glee at Chiwetel Ejiofor getting an Oscar nomination.

The British actress, who played Chiwetel's wife in Love Actually, is hoping that the star will win the best actor Oscar for his performance as Solomon Northup in Steve McQueen's 12 Years A Slave.

"I loved 12 Years A Slave so that would be my favourite," she said.

"I worked with Chiwetel and he is such a phenomenal actor. He is one of the actor's actors so I think it is wonderful that he is getting the recognition that he's deserved for such a long time."

Keira, who stars as the screen wife of Chris Pine's Jack Ryan character in Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, joked that she would be up for playing someone ditzy.

"It's always nice to have somebody who is intelligent although, I don't know, I've never played an unbelievably stupid character and actually I think that would be interesting to play," she said. "So I'd be quite interested to find a really, really stupid person."

The 28-year-old admitted she hasn't been approached about reprising her role in the fifth Pirates Of The Caribbean film, Dead Men Tell No Tales.

Johnny Depp is expected to return to play Captain Jack Sparrow, with Keith Richards, Christoph Waltz and Rebecca Hall rumoured to appear in the fifth instalment of the swashbuckling series. Joachim Ronning and Espen Sandberg will direct the movie, which is expected to begin production in 2015, in time for a release in 2016.

Keira revealed: "They certainly haven't asked me. There's a lot of pirate stories so I'm sure they'll do it brilliantly."

:: Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, directed by Kenneth Branagh, is in cinemas now.

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