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Lee Daniels scared of Hollywood

Lee Daniels admits he is scared of Hollywood 'suits': Photo © Lee Daniels scared of Hollywood Photo

Lee Daniels has confessed he is scared of making a Hollywood film because he doesn't want to get fired.

The Oscar-winning director of Precious and The Butler admits he is a very opinionated independent director, and he worries he would not fit in to the studio way of working.

Lee told The Hollywood Reporter: "It's not like I haven't been offered jobs in Hollywood. I've been offered jobs in Hollywood, but sometimes I get scared because I don't want to ever be the one that's fired. How horrible would that be? 'Lee Daniels Fired!' I mean, I don't want to get fired. And I'm very specific with what it is that I'm trying to say."

But he admits directing The Butler, starring Forest Whitaker as a butler who worked for 34 years in The White House, is a big step for him.

Lee said: "This [The Butler] is a big one for me. For me, this is almost like a different sort of experience. I'm doing stuff that I didn't think I could do before on a bigger canvas."

He added: "I enjoyed it very much. And it made me think that I could certainly work on an even bigger canvas. So that's what that did: It gave me the confidence to know that maybe I could answer to the suits."

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