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Lovibond: I'd shave head for a role

Ophelia Lovibond stars in Guardians Of The Galaxy: Photo © Lovibond: I'd shave head for a role Photo

Ophelia Lovibond has revealed she would jump at the chance to chop off all her hair for a role, if she was asked.

The 8 Minutes Idle actress stars in highly-anticipated ensemble comic book movie Guardians Of The Galaxy - for which Karen Gillan shaved her head to play alien villain Nebula.

Ophelia revealed: "I would have been quite up for that. I like looking as different as possible from part to part., I like being a chameleon. I would never do that in my day to day life, but if I was given a reason I would embrace it.

"I've always wondered what I would look like with a Louise Brooks bob [The 20s film star who popularised the flapper-girl bob], but I've never done it because that's quite a severe choice as an actress. But if someone turned round and said, you're playing Louise Brooks tomorrow, I'd hack it off in a second."

Directed by James Gunn, sci-fi adventure Guardians Of The Galaxy is due out later this year

Ophelia revealed: "I'd never done anything like that, I'd never done sci-fi, so that was really exciting. You watch those movies and see all the costumes but to see how it was all done - it's such a huge vast scale, all the hours for the make-up and all the different people who have really specific roles in making it all function.

"There's no limit to what you could do because it's science fiction, you can do what you want and push the character to the outer edges of reality. It was really fun. I'd love to do more."

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