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McConaughey plans to celebrate

Matthew McConaughey has been nominated for an Oscar for his role in The Dallas Buyers Club (AP): Photo © McConaughey plans to celebrate Photo

Matthew McConaughey has revealed he plans to celebrate his success whether he takes home an Oscar or not.

The Dallas Buyers Club star received his first nod from the Academy for his role as Aids patient Ron Woodruff and Matthew says he has just been enjoying the ride.

Speaking to the press before the Oscar nominees luncheon in Beverly Hills, Matthew added: "I'm going to celebrate no matter what. I'm already in celebration mode, I'm going to enjoy this.

"This is my first time nominated, and, if I ever get nominated again, who knows, but there'll never be another first time. So I'm going to enjoy this one."

The 44-year-old lost almost a quarter of his body weight to take on the role, and has already been rewarded with a Golden Globe and a Screen Actors Guild award for his troubles and he says he is surprised how much he has enjoyed the awards season.

"I chose to engage in going around supporting Dallas Buyers Club in this whole season and I've had a good time doing it. I had heard how laborious it could be but I've not found it laborious. I found it a lot to do and a lot of places to be, but I think I can talk about my experience with this guy, Ron, and with this film until the day I die without getting too exhausted."

Dressed in a beige suit and black shirt, the Hollywood hunk also revealed he chose to have a little fun with his red carpet attire, rather than just sticking to the plain black tuxedo.

"I have been having a good time, this season there's a lot of opportunity and here's a lot of nice stuff so I did say, 'You know what, let's get some fine suits.'

"I found a guy off a GQ photo shoot named Simon and I said, "We are going to be wearing a lot of nice clothes and suits this season and tuxedos. I'd like it to always be classy, but I'd like to throw it off just a little bit."

"Whether it's tan or the suit I had on the other night, I just want to throw off just a little bit, but also keep it classy."

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