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McShane: I'm from the disco era

Ian McShane says his dance moves are more suited to the disco era: Photo © McShane: I'm from the disco era Photo

Ian McShane has said despite starring in salsa comedy Cuban Fury, his real dancing expertise is from the disco era.

The Pirates Of The Caribbean star said he hadn't had the chance to learn many moves for his film with Nick Frost, but he grew up at a time when "everyone thought they were John Travolta".

Asked if he wanted to dance more in Cuban Fury, Ian said: "No I didn't, you're playing the chi chi. I booked some lessons here, but you just have to move around, let Nick do the thing and then they had some amazing people they brought over from Columbia and whatever."

He added of his former dance champion character Ron Parfitt: "Ron's a bit old to start those moves, but as [the dance tutor] said, 'if you're a dancer you've got to put up with all that schtick'."

Ian said he sometimes had a dance in the kitchen at home: "We've all done that at various times, you hear a song on the radio which takes you back and you crank out some amazing moves, or you think they are until you actually see it.

"I used to think it was a great way of getting fit in the old days. I'm from the disco era where everybody thought they were John Travolta... What song is going to get me on the dancefloor? Anything from Saturday Night Fever and you're up there like a demon."

Ian, 71, who joked that what he looked for in a film was "location, a cheque and perks", said he didn't believe in having dream roles he wanted to play.

He explained: "I don't do that, I think it's very pompous when actors say, 'I think I've got a [King] Lear in me.' There's only two kinds of actors - good ones and bad ones... and lucky ones and unlucky ones."

Cuban Fury is in cinemas now.

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