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Monkeys' Matt: Weird to top charts

Arctic Monkeys' Matt Helders felt like the band hijacked the charts when they shot to success in 2005: Photo © Monkeys' Matt: Weird to top charts Photo

Arctic Monkeys' drummer Matt Helders has said he felt like they had hijacked the charts when the band's debut single I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor became a hit.

The Sheffield rocker chatted to NME about his predictions for music in 2014, and claimed it was a shock for the indie band when they topped the pop charts.

Matt said: "It's hard to say what will happen in 2014, because things are moving quicker than you could ever predict. Nowadays you don't walk into a gig and see a band and think, 'That's the next scene.' Music is instantly available, and by the time you discover it, someone else will have already listened to it and moved on.

"Maybe guitar bands will come back around again and reclaim the charts, but it's all very well me saying that - it all comes down to them: they've got to have songs that are good enough to play on the radio. But if guitars are a dirty word at the moment, then I like that, I think that's a good thing.

"When it's popular, it feels like there's something weird going on - like you've hijacked the charts. That's how we felt when it happened to us, even though there were still a lot of guitar bands around at the time. We didn't even expect our first single to get into the Top 20, so we definitely felt like we shouldn't have been there."

Arctic Monkeys are set to play a string of festival dates in 2014 as well as two huge outdoor shows in London's Finsbury Park in May. The band will also tour the US in February.

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