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Mulroney up for Best Friend Divorce

Dermot Mulroney would like to make a sequel to My Best Friend's Wedding: Photo © Mulroney up for Best Friend Divorce Photo

Dermot Mulroney has said that he would love to make a third film with Julia Roberts, and would be up for making a My Best Friend's Wedding sequel.

The pair - who recently worked together on August: Osage County - co-starred together in 1997 romcom My Best Friend's Wedding, and Dermot revealed he'd love the chance to work with her again.

Asked by Vulture whether a sequel titled My Best Friend's Divorce would ever go ahead, he said: "It doesn't quite have the same ring in the title. But I wholeheartedly embrace the idea of sequel-ing up My Best Friend's Wedding. This could fly.

"If I knew anyone in the upper chairs of Hollywood executive offices, I would call them. But I don't. That would be a monumental movie. I say let's put that into motion immediately! Let's pop out a script and call [writer and producer] Ron Bass. I'm sure he'd be happy to fling it together."

Dermot said that in preparation for filming August: Osage County, he had been invited to "potluck" dinners at co-star Meryl Streep's house with Julia, where everyone brought a dish to share.

He said: "I was in charge of the salad. My wife [Tharita Catulle] said, 'Why don't you find out what Julia's favourite salad is?' [Julia] texted back, 'Waldorf.' One word. I thought, I've heard of that.

"So I go to the grocery store and I make my first and only Waldorf salad, and Julia was thrilled. But I must admit, I took most of it home. You know when you go to a potluck and you bring your bowl home, and it's full? That's what happened to my Waldorf salad."

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