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Novak: I get starstruck by McShane

Kayvan Novak stars alongside Nick Frost and Ian McShane in Cuban Fury: Photo © Novak: I get starstruck by McShane Photo

Kayvan Novak has revealed being around Ian McShane on a film set left him tongue-tied.

The Fonejacker star got to work with the Lovejoy actor in dance comedy Cuban Fury, and admitted he was often speechless around him.

"Starstruck around Ian McShane? F*** yeah! I admire Ian very much. I can never think of anything to say to him," he said.

"I just listen to him - I talk loudly and I embarrass myself in front of him. And I just want him to think I'm cool, but that's never going to happen," he added.

Kayvan, who plays Persian dancer Bejan in the film, joked his dancing skills felt under par because he was surrounded by professionals.

"I thought I was a natural dancer until I stepped into the room with 300 dancers and felt distinctly unnatural," he said.

"My dancing background was basically learning the main dance routine from Saturday Night Fever in order to perform that routine in night clubs. I basically have to dance and I learnt salsa dancing so I overcame some demons. I've had to loosen up and it's been amazing."

He added: " I think the biggest challenge is being in a big film with amazing talents like Nick Frost, Chris O'Dowd and Olivia Colman, and punching above my weight. Being as good as you can be is always a challenge. I feel very lucky and very privileged to work with these guys."

As for the flamboyant costumes, the 35-year-old teased: "I love the outfits. I look like an extra from Big Fat Gypsy Wedding."

:: Cuban Fury opens in cinemas on February 14.

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