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O'Dowd's doubts over Calvary film

Chris O'Dowd stars in Calvary: Photo © O'Dowd's doubts over Calvary film Photo

Chris O'Dowd has revealed that he almost passed on Calvary, because he thought it would have been critical of the priesthood.

The Irish actor, who stars in the dark comedy directed by John Michael McDonagh alongside Brendan Gleeson and Kelly Reilly, admitted that his "positive" experiences with the religious men made him cautious about being in films that criticise the order.

The 34-year-old, who attended the film's premiere at the Sundance Film Festival in Utah with wife Dawn O'Porter, said: " My relationship with priests was very positive as was John's. When I heard he was doing a film about priests, I kind of was instantly not that interested because I presumed it would be a hatchet piece. Then he convinced me to read it."

Brendan - who previously worked with John in The Guard - stars as "a good priest" who has to deal with the consequences after he is issued a death threat in the confession box in Calvary.

"It deals with religion in a really interesting way," Chris continued.

His co-star Kelly Reilly said she was "incredibly moved" by the film.

"It's still got that John McDonagh humour. It's a more mature film - the subject matters have more depth. We're talking about faith, sexual abuse in the priesthood, wrapping up your life in a way and making sure your relationships are dealt with and tied up. I was incredibly moved by it," she said.

English filmmaker John added: "It's got the same sense of humour but it goes to a much, much darker place. So I'm hoping that the similar audience who liked The Guard will be prepared to stick with it through to the end."

Calvary will open in UK cinemas in April.

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