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Paolo's world tour for inspiration

Paolo Nutini spent five years travelling to find inspiration for his music: Photo © Paolo's world tour for inspiration Photo

Paolo Nutini has told how he spent five years travelling the world to find inspiration for his new album Caustic Love.

The 27-year-old Scottish singer topped the charts with his first two albums These Streets and Sunny Side Up, but it has been five years since his last release.

Paolo revealed: "I wanted to live a bit.

"What was I going to write about? My first-world problems on the tour bus? 'Oh I never had a bath robe in my 5-star hotel', 'My spa wasn't included in my room rate' or 'My double espresso was cold when it arrived'? That's an album I don't want to hear."

He added: "I hadn't lived that much before my first album. I felt some growing pains that I wanted to figure out, so off I went."

The singer revealed he fell in love with Munich and Berlin in Germany, and Barcelona and Valencia in Spain, places he'd been to but only fleetingly seen from his tour bus and always planned to revisit.

He also spent some time in Italy, the Caribbean, and Amsterdam, where a planned fortnight turned into a few months when his band joined him and work began on what would become the new album.

He didn't make it to Iceland, Egypt and Morocco, which were also on his wish-list, but he's already making plans to go.

Paolo revealed he likes to cut himself off while he is travelling, although his parents aren't so pleased with his radio silence.

"I get the 'Are you alive?' text from my dad every so often, and I'll no doubt get one again soon," he said.

"But I'd rather wait until I see someone to catch up, than for them just be able to follow what I'm doing by being my friend on Facebook. Each to their own, but it's not for me. I had WhatsApp for a day because someone said I should have it but I deleted it the next day. No thank you."

:: Paolo Nutini's new album Caustic Love is out now. He begins a UK tour in May.

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