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Patterson: I didn't like Alex Cross

Tyler Perry played Alex Cross in the most recent movie: Photo © Patterson: I didn't like Alex Cross Photo

Thriller writer James Patterson has confessed he was not happy with the most recent film adaptation of his book Alex Cross starring Tyler Perry.

The multimillionaire has made a fortune from his books featuring ex-FBI agent and psychologist Alex Cross, as played by Morgan Freeman in Along Came A Spider and Kiss The Girls and by Tyler Perry in Alex Cross in 2012.

James said of the film adaptations: "I'd like to see more of my work out there. I haven't loved the movies so far. Morgan Freeman is great and the movies were OK, but the last Alex Cross wasn't that good."

The writer revealed he wants more control of the movies and he hopes to sign up British star Idris Elba for future Alex Cross films.

He added: "I'm much more involved now because I didn't like the process in the past."

James has embraced a new genre in his latest book, First Love, based in part on his very own love story and co-written with author Emily Raymond.

"It's closer to who James Patterson is than the thrillers. I'm not very violent at all. I just found that writing thrillers was a way to make a good living. So there is a softer side. My life is much more family-orientated," he revealed.

"As you get older, the idea of first love becomes more interesting. You like to go back and hang out there for a while and remember how it was."

:: First Love by James Patterson and Emily Raymond is published by Century, priced £14.99. Available now.

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