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Pettyfer: Don't make me dance again

Alex Pettyfer says he doesn't want to do any more dancing in films: Photo © Pettyfer: Don't make me dance again Photo

Alex Pettyfer has said he is desperately seeking a film role which doesn't involve him having to dance because he doesn't have any moves.

The actor, who stars in romantic remake Endless Love, said he was sick of embarrassing himself on screen in dance scenes like those in his new film and in stripper movie Magic Mike.

He said: "I can't dance, that's the thing. I can't dance or sing, I can barely act. They asked me to dance in Magic Mike. I was like, 'Alright, fine, I'm going to waddle.'

"In Endless Love there's a scene - which actually, by me not being able to dance works well - they said, 'We want you to do this dance scene.' I was like, 'Is there going to be a movie where I'm not dancing next, please?'."

Alex said the situation wasn't always made easier by him having a partner to dance with.

He explained: "I did have a partner in Magic Mike, it was Matt Bomer, and Matt's amazing, he's got that rhythm and he's an incredible singer.

"But yeah, I need to find a movie where I don't have to dance in it."

Alex said there was one aspect of Endless Love he found much easier than dancing - driving a sports car, although he admitted his love for the vehicle may have overshadowed his screen romance with co-star Gabriella Wilde.

He said: "I love cars... we came back and showed Shana (Feste, the director) and she goes, 'Guys, there's no connection between Gabriella and Alex, all he's doing is f***ing racing around.'"

Endless Love is due to be released on February 14.

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