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Sarah Harding plans solo material

Sarah Harding is planning solo material: Photo © Sarah Harding plans solo material Photo

Sarah Harding has said her new solo music will be "controversial".

The Girls Aloud star, 32, has told The Sun that the material will be "honest" and "have an edge".

"The odd swear word doesn't harm anyone, does it? I love pop, but with an edge so that's what I'd say my music is. And quite controversial," she said.

Sarah added: "My songs are very confessional and honest. You have to be able to relate to what you're singing otherwise you're just a mannequin. That's not at all what I felt in Girls Aloud, but obviously it's different in a band."

She cited her influences as Lady Gaga, Rihanna and Katy Perry.

Sarah, who has previously been in rehab after drinking and partying took its toll, told the newspaper: "I feel happier than I've felt in ages. Now I'm doing my own thing it feels good and speaks volumes."

The singer has asked her boyfriend Mark Foster to produce her new tracks.

She told the newspaper: "Mark's amazing. He's a DJ and a producer... W e've known each other since we were 17.

"He loved music, I loved music. You know when you're young and trying to make it in the industry, working c****y jobs? We knew each other back in that time.

"Obviously we've both had other relationships over the years but something just clicked last year with us. He came back into my life."

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