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Sheeran had mixed feelings on album

Ed Sheeran has had mixed feelings about his new album: Photo © Sheeran had mixed feelings on album Photo

Ed Sheeran has confessed he "fell in and out of love" with his new album.

The 22-year-old star is preparing to release the follow up to his hit debut album + . The as-yet-untitled record has been produced by Rick Rubin, who has worked with stars including Kanye West, Jay Z and Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Ed told Radio 1: "It was one of these things that I fell in and out of love with. He (Rubin) re-energized me to be excited about the album again... c oming at the songs from a different direction and making sure they had the live vibe as well as the actual song craft."

The British singer-songwriter's first album went to number one in the UK album charts and number five in the American Billboard chart.

Ed admitted he wanted to build up anticipation before he released his follow-up.

"I think if I'd have come back with a second record instantly, there wouldn't have been any excitement," he said.

"Although it was important to give myself a break I think it was also important to give the public a break as well."

The red-headed singer - who has supported Taylor Swift on tour - -has been based in America over the last 12 months working on the new tracks.

He said: "I had to put down the ground work there that I put down in England as well and it gave me time to really write a good second record."

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