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Tom: I see myself as piece of meat

Tom Hardy watches video footage to perfect his acting: Photo © Tom: I see myself as piece of meat Photo

Tom Hardy has admitted he is something of a "micro manager" when it comes to his acting skills.

The British star revealed to The Wrap he's so determined to perfect his performances that he spends plenty of time watching video footage of himself so he can alter anything that he doesn't think works.

He said: "I'm a bit of a micro manager. In the early days, directors and producers would get nervous about me being in the video village. But to me it really is a tool, just a f***ing tool.

"I need to make sure that my tone is working, that's not about vanity, it's about: 'Is it working?' I'm not saving lives, mate, but a surgeon would look at footage and the video of other people doing surgery, or a Formula One racer would watch a lap where someone took a corner, or a boxer would watch another boxer fight, I'd watch a screen and say, 'OK, that's bulls**t, we've got to work on that.'

"Some people do have a problem looking at that, they say, 'Oh s**t, that changes everything.' But I'm 45 films deep now, I'm a bit old and ugly for it, I kind of get it, and I want to know how can I be more immersed in this world."

The actor is seen on screen throughout his new film Locke, with viewers watching him driving and talking into a speaker phone.

But the 36-year-old revealed he didn't find it uncomfortable seeing himself on the screen for that long.

"I see myself as a piece of meat," said the star. "And it's purely subjective. For me, I know that's the best I can do."

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