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Wahlberg: I wanted to have control

Mark Wahlberg got into producing to take control of his movie roles: Photo © Wahlberg: I wanted to have control Photo

Mark Wahlberg has said he became a producer because he was sick of getting Brad Pitt's sloppy seconds.

The Lone Survivor star sat down for a chat with American Hustle's Charles Roven, Lee Daniels' The Butler's Pam Williams, Captain Phillips' Michael De Luca, 12 Years a Slave's Dede Gardner and Gravity's David Heyman for The Hollywood Reporter's producers and writers roundtable special. And Mark revealed he got into producing as a way of taking control of the films he appeared in.

Mark said: "The only reason why I wanted to was because I was never going to get the script first. I had to wait for Brad Pitt to pass; I had to wait for this one to pass.

"So I had to go out there and create my own thing, find material, develop it for myself and have creative control. I'd rather be behind the wheel of a car going down a highway at 200 miles per hour than in the backseat with somebody else in control. So that was it for me, and then I just loved it, and it was addictive to me."

And George Clooney revealed in the writer's roundtable the worry he felt following the critical backlash of his writing debut, which he also directed and starred in, Good Night And Good Luck.

The Hollywood heartthrob said: "Bill O'Reilly does a half-hour show about why my career is over. He brought in some producer that goes, 'I'll never work with him again.' I'm like: 'I don't know who she is! I've never even seen her before.'

"And I called my dad and said, 'Well, am I in trouble?' And he's like: 'Do you have a job? Do you have money?' And I said, 'Yes.' He goes: 'Shut up. Grow up. Be a man. What are you afraid of? A lot of people have taken a lot worse chances. You can't demand freedom of speech and say, don't say bad things about me'."

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