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Wanted's Sykes: We'll get revenge

Nathan Sykes is planning to get his own back on The Wanted bandmate Jay McGuiness on tour: Photo © Wanted's Sykes: We'll get revenge Photo

The Wanted singer Nathan Sykes has revealed that the group plan to get their own back on Jay McGuiness on tour.

The band, who are heading out on their Word Of Mouth tour from March 14, admitted they will try to get revenge on prankster Jay for all the tricks he's played on them over the years.

"It's usually Jay who plays pranks, but I think we'll probably all get together and prank him if I'm honest," said Nathan.

"Usually on tour is where we ruin Jay's life. He terrorises us for two years and makes life horrendous for everyone, so then we all get together and plan things to ruin his day."

Nathan said that Jay's jokes are "unnecessary".

"He just takes everything so far. You'll swap salt for sugar in his tea and then he'll do something more horrendous," he continued.

"He came up on stage in a gorilla outfit in Dublin on the last tour, and we got him back when he was playing the drums. We covered all his drums in talcum powder so when he started playing, there was an explosion of powder.

"There was a horrible moment of him looking at the drums and thinking, 'I can't not hit the drums, but what will happen if I do?' So that was a great moment," the 20-year-old added.

The Wanted's Word Of Mouth shows kick off in Liverpool on March 14, before the UK leg closes in Nottingham on April 1. The tour then heads over to the US.

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