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Wasikowska: I always wanted a dog

Mia Wasikowska always wanted a pet dog: Photo © Wasikowska: I always wanted a dog Photo

Mia Wasikowska has told how she always wanted a dog when she was a child, but she wasn't allowed one.

But The Double star was finally able to live out her dream of having a pet pooch in new film Tracks - the true story of Robyn Davidson, a young woman who, in 1977, undertook a perilous solo trek across 1,700 miles of stunning Australian outback, with just a few camels and her loyal Labrador Diggity to keep her company.

Mia revealed: "I always wanted a dog so much, but we weren't allowed one.

"We had almost every [other animal] for short periods of time. We'd get a fish and then the fish would die, then a rabbit and the rabbit would die, but we never really had that great experience of having a best friend who was a dog. But now [I've had that]."

The 24-year-old Australian actress - who shot to fame starring in Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland - also revealed how she has got a place of her own in her home country, but has been too busy in Hollywood to spend much time there.

Mia, who is dating American actor Jesse Eisenberg - said: "I'm probably happiest when I'm at home.

"I live in Sydney and I love it there. I have my own place, as of about a year ago, and it's lovely.

"I haven't spent much time there yet, but I love having it and knowing it's there, and having that sense of it being there for me to return to at any time."

:: Tracks is in cinemas now.

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