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Wasikowska's nerves over alter-ego

Mia Wasikowska says she was nervous meeting the real-life woman she plays: Photo © Wasikowska's nerves over alter-ego Photo

Mia Wasikowska has admitted she felt nervous at the prospect of meeting her Tracks character Robyn Davidson in real life.

The Alice In Wonderland actress stars as adventurer Robyn in the film about her trek across the deserts of Western Australia with her four camels and dog.

Mia said: "She's such an iconic Australian hero, so it was exciting for me.

"I was quite nervous about [meeting her] because she's such a feisty, prickly young woman in the novel. But she was great, it was such a relief because she had such an open perspective on what we were doing and the film in general so it was quite freeing to meet her."

Mia continued: "It's definitely a situation I haven't been in before, to not only play a real-life character but someone who's alive and will probably see the film and have an opinion on it, so it was kind of nerve-wracking."

The actress had to get to know the film's four camels well for the part and said: "They thankfully come off much more intimidating in the film but they are really sweet, sweet animals and have very individual personalities so it was really nice, getting to work with them.

"I didn't really know what to expect, I had never been around camels before. When you do step into their territory they're so big and they make so many noises it's hard to tell what their temperament is, but I was pleasantly surprised."

Tracks is released in cinemas on April 25.

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