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Will Ferrell reveals Lego trauma

Will Ferrell plays the villain in the new Lego movie: Photo © Will Ferrell reveals Lego trauma Photo

Will Ferrell has revealed his new Lego movie reminded him of a devastating early memory of the toy.

The Anchorman comedian voices villain Lord Business in the animated film and the role stirred up old childhood memories.

Speaking on the red carpet at the world premiere of The Lego Movie in Los Angeles, Will said: "Lego is one of the toys you remember having, it's just blocks but you can create anything you want in your mind."

He added: "I think anybody my age grew up playing with Lego. I remember as a kid I built a scale replica of a fully functioning helicopter and I flew it about 30 yards in the air and then it, of course, broke apart."

The movie hinges on a case of mistaken identity and 46-year-old Will joked that he is often mistaken for teen heartthrobs.

"I have been mistaken a lot for Justin Bieber and when I'm walking down the street people yell 'hey is that the guy from One Direction?'"

The movie features the voice of Parks & Recreation star Chris Pratt as Emmet, a regular guy mistaken for the saviour of the world, and Chris revealed he took advice from his wife Anna Faris before embarking on the challenge.

"My wife has done animated movies before and she advised me to be big and boisterous and allow your face to make big expressions and your body to make big expressions and all the stuff you are afraid to do on camera do in the room and it will help your voice," he said.

The Lego Movie will be in UK cinemas on February 14.

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