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Wilson thought Kaiser Chiefs over

Ricky Wilson has said no one cared about the Kaiser Chiefs' new album until he did The Voice: Photo © Wilson thought Kaiser Chiefs over Photo

Ricky Wilson has admitted that before his starring role on The Voice, very few people were interested in the Kaiser Chiefs' next album.

The BBC singing contest judge and band frontman said he had agreed to the show because he thought that it would raise the Kaiser Chiefs' profile and is pleased that he was proved right.

He said: "Who, at the start of 2014, was sitting around saying, 'I can't wait for a new album by Kaiser Chiefs, I wonder what those guys are up to' - who? Not many people, I can tell you. We're realists. We knew no one cared."

The singer said he had had reservations about doing the series but was glad he had: "I didn't want to go on TV and make it look like I was trying to sell the band, but when I told them I'd been offered the job, they were all for it. We all agreed that if you're in an alternative band and you're asked on Saturday night TV, you do it.

"If we'd been asked to perform, we'd have bitten their hands off, so why would I say no to going on 12 weeks in a row, where I can get my personality across and remind everyone that there's a band called Kaiser Chiefs? How can that not be a good thing?

"We're the busiest we've been since the first album came out. The other day I went on Richard Bacon's Radio 5 live show to talk about The Voice and the album too. I wasn't asked on to talk about our other albums, but now I am. I feel like I'm being proved right."

Ricky said he even worried his band was over after drummer Nick Hodgson, who did most of the songwriting, left in 2012: "There was a time when I thought it was over. The four of us were in a dressing room and I said, 'Well, I want to carry on, do you?' And then it was like, 'Oh you do? Well I do. And what about you?', and it turned out we all did but just hadn't said it out loud.

"If one of us had not wanted to, then we'd have called it a day and done something else, but it was a group decision."

He said that Nick leaving had been the best thing for the band because it had made them fight to stay together.

"It's like a toy that a child isn't playing with - take it away and it immediately becomes their favourite. And just like with toys, if they break, you either throw them away or you fix them. We fixed it, and we've never been happier," he explained.

:: Kaiser Chiefs' new album Education, Education, Education And War is out now.

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