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Wiseman to direct Black Chapter

Len Wiseman's next directing project will be Black Chapter: Photo © Wiseman to direct Black Chapter Photo

Len Wiseman is to direct new sci-fi thriller Black Chapter.

The Total Recall director came up with the original idea for the story along with scriptwriter Zak Penn.

Black Chapter is about an FBI agent drawn into a top-secret military programme which trains spies to develop paranormal skills.

Len told Deadline: "Black Chapter is a science-fiction story that draws from our own history. I've always been fascinated by the mysteries surrounding the CIA's astral projection programme during its MK-ULTRA era. What if those experiments had actually worked? Would we even know?"

The Underworld director - who is married to Kate Beckinsale - most recently worked on the TV adaptation of Sleepy Hollow.

Len will also co-produce the new movie.

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