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‘Can’t believe my ears!’: Coronation Street fans ‘totally shocked’ by ‘disgusting’ racism storyline pre-watershed

Evening Standard logo Evening Standard 28/12/2017 Emma Powell
Unacceptable: Alya Nazir is subjected to a tirade of abuse (ITV) © Provided by Evening Standard Limited Unacceptable: Alya Nazir is subjected to a tirade of abuse (ITV)

Coronation Street suffered a backlash from fans after it aired a storyline involving racial abuse and offensive language.

Viewers were left “totally shocked” after Alya Nazir, played by Sair Khan, was judged on the colour of her skin as she tried to close a business deal with partner Aidan Connor (Shayne Ward) in Wednesday night’s episode.

Nazir joined potential new clients Justin and Dale Parker at The Bistro where they subjected her to a tirade of abuse.

The young businesswoman ordered a lime soda, to which Dale mocked her faith, asking: “Don’t you drink love? Your kind are so boring.”

person sitting at a table © Provided by Evening Standard Limited

Commenting on Nazir’s reaction he added: “Lighten up will you. Oh I’m sorry, you can’t, you’re stuck that colour.”

The brothers later mocked Nazir's designs asking if it was a burkini.

The exchange angered some viewers who branded the scene “uncalled for” while another said they had been left “disgusted”.

Defending: Aidan Connor warns the two brothers (ITV) © Provided by Evening Standard Limited Defending: Aidan Connor warns the two brothers (ITV)

One viewer tweeted: “Did I just hear him right... Jesus that was uncalled for!!! #Corrie is getting brave with these storylines.”

Another posted: “Not enjoying the sexism, racism and islamophobia remarks in @itvcorrie tonight, just no need for it. #disgusted #Corrie.”

Others defended the decision to air the scenes with one viewer tweeting: “People on twitter be like ‘Coronation street is dark lately’ or they shouldn't be showcasing racism at this time of night. Racism happens all the time regardless of time or place, welcome to the real world people #coronationStreet #Corrie.”

Another posted: “Just caught up on #Corrie and the racism. This happens on a daily basis. #CoronationStreet and other soaps are meant to reflect everyday life somewhat. There's no watershed on real life.”

The scene saw Connor attempt to end the meeting, but Nazir insisted they needed the brothers' business.

ITV had warned in advance of “scenes of racial abuse and language that some viewers may find upsetting”.

Coronation Street is on ITV, tomorrow at 7:30pm

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