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'Enough to put anyone off going to the GP': Viewers turn against Doctor Foster and begin to side with cheating ex husband Simon

Mirror logo Mirror 13/09/2017 Lucy Needham

Credits: BBC © Provided by Trinity Mirror Plc Credits: BBC The second episode of Doctor Foster managed to do the unthinkable as viewers slowly started to side with cheating husband Simon thanks to GP Gemma's increasingly erratic behaviour.

Last week viewers were left fuming when 'slime ball' Simon and his young wife Kate made their way back into Gemma's life with their new baby and gigantic show home.

But in Tuesday night's episode, as the doctor struggled to cope with the strain of having her ex on her doorstop, her bizarre antics left fans of the award-winning BBC drama questioning just whose side they are on.

Credits: 1 © Provided by Trinity Mirror Plc Credits: 1 Gone was Gemma's cool and calculated method of revenge from the first series that culminated in the dinner party from hell, instead she adopted an all guns-blazing approach as she desperately tried to drive her ex out of town by any means necessary.

Viewers watched between their fingers as the scorned GP forced ex-fling Neil to mine information out of Simon, then drank wine with her teenage son's best friend, and indulged in some late-night snooping on her replacement Kate from behind a tree.

But things got even weirder as a drunken Gemma threw caution to the wind and finished her night clubbing with a load of youngsters, instead of sensibly hopping in a taxi home.

After downing shots and letting loose on the dance floor, Gemma sent a late night booty text to hunky teacher James asking him to come and join her.

He didn't waste much time tracking her down as the pair shared a snog under the disco lights moments before Gemma tried to get frisky with him in a VERY public place.

Credits: PA © Provided by Trinity Mirror Plc Credits: PA When a bemused James made a swift exit amid fears he'd bump into one of his students, an out of control Gemma was left to her own devices.

"God I'm s***-faced," the sloshed GP told a complete stranger, who she promptly began exchanging x-rated flirtations with.

As it looked like Gemma was about to embark on an ill-advised fling, viewers were left reeling at her uncharacteristic behaviour and started to feel adulterer Simon was now the more stable of the two parents.

Gemma spotting Kate with another man, only encouraged sympathy towards the former villain.

Credits: BBC © Provided by Trinity Mirror Plc Credits: BBC Viewers flooded to Twitter to remark on the strange turn of events.

"She is unhinged...finally," said another.

A third added: "She must be intelligent to be a GP but where is her common sense?"

While another commented: 


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