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Woman dupes her child by handing him front-facing camera and asking him to record her dance!

Why is it so easy to play a trick on innocent kids? That question comes to mind after watching this clip, which shows a little kid making a video of her mom dancing while not knowing that a mobile in his hand records his face, not his mom's dance. Is it happens by mistake? Well, no, it's not! It's a ploy used by the child's mother, Madison Chavez, to record his reaction while watching her dance. And she wins by tricking him! The phone that the kid holds throughout the video captures his priceless reaction. It shows him giving shy and excited expressions while watching his mother dance. Mark my words! The boy's reaction will make you fall in love with him and the video. "I asked my son to film me dancing while I was filming his reaction," Madison told WooGlobe. Location: Charleston, United States WooGlobe Ref : WGA120984 For licensing and to use this video, please email Twitter : Facebook : Instagram :
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